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Cohort 2 Update

Cohort 2 will run for 8 weeks from March 2022.

Enrollment opens one week before.

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What's inside?

All-Access Pass (lifetime)

Get access to all my premium video courses—entertaining, fun and educational.

Weekly Live-Sessions

Get 1:1 feedback on your projects, answers to your questions, and access to our community.

Masterclasses (with guests)

Get a seat at unique masterclasses designed around trending topics relevant to modern content creators.

Software and Tools Discounts

Get coupon codes on some of my favorite tools for content creation.

Business Setup and Strategy

Get insights into the administrative side of things, ready-made email templates, processes and more.

Blueprints and Templates

Get the templates I use myself to speed up the content creation process.

Get Freelance Clients

Learn how to attract clients for freelance projects—based on my own experience as an animation video agency owner.

Crash-Course in YouTube

Learn how to set yourself up for success with the right channel design, info and video content.

Certificate and Credentials

Get a certificate of completion when you graduate from the Academy and credentials to show in your CV/portfolio.

Create Passive Income Streams

Learn how to monetize your content in ways that earn revenue for you online.

Challenges and Projects

Build your portfolio and earn badges by completing projects together with me and the rest of the cohort.

Get Featured on RuedRiis.com

I will select and promote student portfolios, social channels or websites to get more eyeballs on your offerings.

A one-stop-shop for Explainers


I know I would have wanted a single destination that provided all the foundational knowledge needed to fast-forward my own career as a pro explainer.

So, I’m building such a thing myself. The Explain Academy is an 8-week program that teaches you the SKILLS you need, how to SELL yourself, and how to MONETIZE your content.

Relevant for both freelancers and those pursuing a corporate career. Also for marketers, who see the need to be more self-reliant within content marketing. Or YouTubers who want to up their content and monetization game.

Those who get a seat at the table will get lifetime access to all my courses, weekly live sessions with me, a group of likeminded people to network with and learn from, my own templates, and projects to complete to build your portfolio and earn yourself the badge of being an Explainer.

Graduates from the Academy will multiply their chances of getting a job as a content creator - or follow the same journey as me, doing your own thing.

The academy only opens for enrolment for a few days, and only happens a few times a year. So join us in this complete program now.

(Or spend a million hours on YouTube and Google, trying to find the right tutorials - and a million dollars on courses that give you one tiny puzzle piece and not the whole picture.)

That’s my vision for the Academy. An all-in-one resource that catapults your explainer skills forward.

About the self-paced curriculum

Meet your instructor

I started my explainer video agency as a master's student and grew it into a six-figure business, helping 200+ clients explain their offering.

Now, I've moved from "selling fish" to "teaching people how to fish". I know what works and how to create simple and strong explainers for clients, businesses, and creators.

My purpose is to simplify complexity—so that people can navigate the world more easily. And in this Academy, I get to pass on these skills in the most intimate and impactful way.

Learn invaluable explainer skills

The Explain Academy is now closed. Join the waitlist to get into the next cohort.

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Robin Sargent, Ph.D.

"OMG! I love your courses! And I'm excited to recommend your program. TREASURE! Anyway, I just want to verify from an Instructional Design point of view that you do fantastic work and to encourage you. LOVE all the touches of humor."

It's hard to ignore animation

Most everyone can write. A lot can design a little. Some know how to handle a camera. But how many can create engaging explainer videos?

The animated format has become more accessible over the last couple of years. With easy-to-use animation makers, anyone can sign up. But that rarely cuts it.

Just like with a hammer, you need skills to use animation makers. And to make strong explainers, you need to understand a whole suite of subskills first.

Scriptwriting. Storytelling. Audio recording. Graphic design. Sound effects. Music. All parts of the explainer video puzzle piece.

Animation as a format is impossible to ignore today. Over the last 10 years, animation has exploded. But it's not too late to chime in. Not at all.

Mark Fazioli, Ph.D.

"As an e-learning developer, I started to use Vyond in April of 2021. My first source to learn the software was YouTube. I began to watch Rued’s videos. They were incredible. I went to his website and saw he offered an 8-week academy. At our first meeting, Rued carefully listened to my needs and tailored the course. My goal was to master Vyond and produce engaging instructional videos. Each week we covered another area of Vyond with hands-on practice. Rued was professional, prepared, and patient with helping me reach my goals. His tips and techniques were priceless. I learned so much to produce some engaging videos for my institutions that our students love. I could never have achieved this knowledge and skill without the mentoring from Rued. Thank you so much for all your time to help me reach my goals!"

Take off with 1:1 support πŸš€

As an Academy member, you get individual sessions with me, to make sure you never get stuck. This is not just another course. It's a school, a program, a focused run towards your end goal. And I'll be pacing you all the way (in a nice way πŸ€—)

This focus on you and your project means you can go in any direction. Whatever you work on, dream off, or need help with, I'm here to guide you and tailor the training to you specifically. Yes, that requires more effort. More time. And that's why this is a premium program for serious students.

Kent Löfgren, Ph.D.

"Rued, I have a PhD in pedagogy (for what it's worth) and decades of experience both as an online teacher and as a YouTuber. You're one of the best I've ever seen. "

Explain Academy

Access Includes

  • Lifetime Access
  • 1:1 Coaching w/ Rued
  • Detailed Feedback
  • Small-group Workshops
  • Dedicated Community
  • Pre-recorded Content
  • Exclusive Live-sessions
  • Premium Tool Discounts
  • Results Guaranteed

Price Comparison

⚑️ Explain Academy ⚑️


8 weeks

βœ” 2D principles

βœ” 1:1 coaching

βœ” Community

βœ” Graduation certificate

βœ” Software training

βœ” Workflow optimization

βœ” Pace flexibility

βœ” Scriptwriting methods

βœ” 6-figure agency experience

βœ” Online teaching principles

βœ” Templates and blueprints

βœ” Lifetime access

Animation school (online)


12 weeks

βœ” 2D principles

βœ” 1:1 coaching

βœ” Community

βœ” Graduation certificate

βœ” Software training

βœ” Workflow optimization

βœ” Pace flexibility

 Scriptwriting methods

6-figure agency experience

 Online teaching principles

  Templates and blueprints

  Lifetime access

Bachelor's Degree (uni)


3 years

βœ” 2D principles

βœ” 1:1 coaching

βœ” Community

βœ” Graduation certificate

βœ” Software training

βœ” Workflow optimization

Pace flexibility

 Scriptwriting methods

6-figure agency experience

 Online teaching principles

  Templates and blueprints

  Lifetime access

Alternative payment plan (3 x $450)

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