8-Week Explainer Video Bootcamp

A social, premium program that teaches you how to simplify any topic and convert it into explainer video.

Cohort #6 · Starts March 2024


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What's inside?

1:1 Mentoring

Book flexible timeslots and get direct mentoring from me. We'll find the best way forward for your specific context.

Live Calls

Get direct access to Rued, answers to your questions, and connect with the other academists.


Get the topics under your skin by putting your new insights into practice—guided and supported by me.

Fun courses

Get lifetime access to all my premium video courses—entertaining, fun and educational.


Get the templates I use to speed up my content creation process. They are simple, but powerful reminders when you feel stuck.

Bonus modules

Learn how to add additional formats to your animations (the right way)—like camera footage and screenrecordings. 

EA Certificate

Get a certificate of completion when you graduate from the Explain Academy to use in your CV or portfolio.

What graduates say




"My only reservation was if it was worth doing a course, versus finding my own way. So I really appreciated how structured and well organized it was. My favorite thing was the 1:1 coaching from Rued. When I started to feel like I understood the tools and processes, and I could move through the learning curve easily, that was powerful for me. Thank you for the easy to follow and well structured course. Tons of helpful and effective tools and ressources!"


Agency Owner

"Before I enrolled, I had reservations about whether this course provided advanced enough tips on Vyond. But I decided to buy because Rued has gone through the same journey as I am on now. I learned a lot about how to operate my business and how to advertize it better. Turns out the process really matters. I really appreciated the course and your patience, Rued. Thanks for working with me."


eLearning Designer

"I had some insecurities about my own abilities and what commitment it would require to get up to Rued's level. And the price. But Rued's commitment to everyone in the Academy was incredible. Not something I've seen before with a mentor program. He would not give up on anybody and would keep encouraging us to be brave and work on our skills. In Australia, courses like this are $3-5000. I think you deserve to charge a far higher price, because of the personal mentoring directly with you."

See Wall of Love

Communication + design + animation + humor + business


I know I would have wanted a single destination that provided all the knowledge needed to fast-forward my own skills around the explainer video format.

So, I’m building such a thing myself.

The Explain Academy is a 8-week program that teaches you how to simplify complex information, structure it in a logical way, write a script based on that outline—and convert the script into an engaging animated video.

Relevant for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and those pursuing a corporate career—educators of any kind. If you believe in fun learning, and that a skillset around converting knowledge into video is valuable, you are probably a good fit.

Those who get a seat will get lifetime access to all my courses, live sessions with me, a group of like-minded people to network with and learn from, my own templates, and projects to complete to build your portfolio and earn yourself the badge of being a Pro Explainer.

As a graduate from the Academy you will not only be a better content creator. You'll not only be a better writer. You'll not only be a savvy animator. You will have acquired a skillset around simplifying complexity that is highly sought after in any industry.

This is my vision for the Academy; An all-in-one resource that catapults your explainer skills forward.

[Enrolment window is open for next cohort. Limited seats per cohort, limited cohorts per year].

Meet your instructor

I started my explainer video agency as a master's student and grew it into a six-figure business, helping 250+ clients explain their offering.

Now, I've moved from "selling fish" to "teaching people how to fish". I know what works and how to create simple and strong explainers for clients, businesses, and as a creator.

My educational YouTube channel has 2M+ views, and I've sold 6-figures worth of courses. I've been on a journey from early animator to full-time online educator, and I want to share all the learnings along the way.

My purpose is to make learners smile—by combining solid education with entertaining video. And in this Academy, I get to pass on these skills in the most intimate and impactful way.

Learn invaluable life skills

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I want in!

Animation isn't just another format

Most everyone can write. Many can design a little. Some know how to handle a camera. But how many can create engaging explainer videos?

The animated format has become more accessible over the last couple of years. With easy-to-use animation makers, anyone can sign up. But that doesn't cut it.

Like a hammer, you need skills to make a tool valuable. And to make strong explainers, you need to understand a suite of subskills first.

Scriptwriting. Storytelling. Audio recording. Graphic design. Analogy. Pacing. Sound effects. Music. All parts of the explainer video puzzle piece.

Animation as a format is impossible to ignore today. Over the last 10 years, animation has exploded. But it's not too late to chime in. Quite the opposite.

Animation means "full of life", and with the skills you learn in Explain Academy, you'll be able to infuse life into any type of information.

Take off with 1:1 support 🚀

As an Academy member, you get individual sessions with me, to make sure you never get stuck. This is not just another course. It's a school, a program, a focused run towards your end goal. And I'll be pacing you all the way (in a nice way 🤗)

This focus on you and your project means you can go in any direction. Whatever you work on, dream off, or need help with, I'm here to guide you and tailor the training to you specifically. Yes, that requires more effort. More time. And that's why this is a premium program for serious students.

Explain Academy

Access Includes

  • 8-week Bootcamp
  • 6-month Group Coaching
  • Live Q&A w/ Rued
  • Detailed Feedback
  • Gamified Platform
  • Mobile App
  • Small-group Workshops
  • Dedicated Community
  • Pre-recorded Content
  • Guest Presenters
  • Premium Tool Discounts
  • Results Inevitable

Price Comparison

⚡️ Explain Academy ⚡️


8 weeks

 2D principles

 1:1 coaching


 Graduation certificate

 Software training

 Workflow optimization

 Pace flexibility

 Scriptwriting methods

 6-figure agency experience

 Online teaching principles

 Templates and blueprints

 Lifetime access

Other animation schools (online)


12 weeks

 2D principles

 1:1 coaching


 Graduation certificate

 Software training

 Workflow optimization

✔ Pace flexibility

 Scriptwriting methods

6-figure agency experience

 Online teaching principles

  Templates and blueprints

  Lifetime access

Traditional Bachelor's Degree (uni)


3 years

 2D principles

 1:1 coaching


 Graduation certificate

 Software training

 Workflow optimization

Pace flexibility

 Scriptwriting methods

6-figure agency experience

 Online teaching principles

  Templates and blueprints

  Lifetime access

Alternative payment plan (3 x $950)

Frequently Asked Questions

Expert Endorsements

Robin Sargent, Ph.D.

"OMG! I love your courses! And I'm excited to recommend your program. TREASURE! Anyway, I just want to verify from an Instructional Design point of view that you do fantastic work and to encourage you. LOVE all the touches of humor."

Kent Löfgren, Ph.D.

"Rued, I have a PhD in pedagogy (for what it's worth) and decades of experience both as an online teacher and as a YouTuber. You're one of the best I've ever seen. "

Mark Fazioli, Ph.D.

"As an e-learning developer, I started to use Vyond in April of 2021. My first source to learn the software was YouTube. I began to watch Rued’s videos. They were incredible. I went to his website and saw he offered an academy. At our first meeting, Rued carefully listened to my needs and tailored the course. My goal was to master Vyond and produce engaging instructional videos. Each week we covered another area of Vyond with hands-on practice. Rued was professional, prepared, and patient with helping me reach my goals. His tips and techniques were priceless. I learned so much to produce some engaging videos for my institutions that our students love. I could never have achieved this knowledge and skill without the mentoring from Rued. Thank you so much for all your time to help me reach my goals!"

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