Hi. I'm Rued.

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Hey there! I'm Rued

Would you like to know who this guy with the weird name is? Then you're in the right place.

Simplicity is the
ultimate sophistication

From how I teach to how I live. It all comes down to simplification of complexity.
That's not easy at all. Simplification is an art. And it's what I teach.

A.S.A.P. As Simple As Possible.
Here's an example of how I teach.


Things I Love 


Digital Tools

Whatever makes it easy to create great content. Quickly.

Video Creation

Video is incredibly powerful. Closest thing to a real face-to-face relation.


What a learning opportunity. Strive to create more than I consume.

I was born a few days before the Berlin wall was torn down. Since then, I’ve lived a good life in Copenhagen (Denmark) where my love for entrepreneurship grew in the late teens. With a master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School, I started my own video agency to try things in practice.

After the agency journey, I joined UserTribe as CMO and after that Graduateland as CPO. So the background is probably a good mix of marketing and product experience. With that toolbox, I’m now pursuing what I consider the ultimate life design; Solopreneurship. Now, I teach people to simplify complexity via animation video.

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I publish Vyond tutorials, rough lessons as screen recordings, partial courses, guides and stuff like that.


I share blog posts, special offers, news about the course business and interact with friends of the house.


I tweet about life and work—I love the ease with which I can connect with inspirations, mentors and students.


"I do not speak to be understood. I speak to understand." And the learnings are shared on LinkedIn with loose and tight connections.

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