Content Creator Kickstart

Content Creator Kickstart

Hosted by: Rued Riis

Kickstart your career in Content Creation! No matter if you're an employee, freelancer, YouTuber or anything in between, the skillset of content creation is the ultimate enabler of success. Subscribe now!

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10 Practical Tips for AMAZING Video Scripts

Want to make better videos? Write better scripts! Scriptwriting for explainers, tutorials, whatever is essential. Especially for explainer videos, where you want to make a short, simple, and easy-to-understand video....
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Pros and Cons of Analogy in Explainer Videos

How to use an analogy in your explainer video? That is the topic of today's episode. And we quickly conclude that it's a great idea.. BUT! There are a few ways you can hurt your story. By either choosing the wrong...
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3 Styles of Vyond (and when to use them!)

Whiteboard animation, Business Friendly, and Contemporary - those are the 3 styles you can animate with in Vyond Studio. And today, I'm sharing my thoughts on their individual strengths and when to use each one. As a...
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3 Pillars of a Successful Content Creator Career

In this episode, we'll explore the three pillars of 1) skills, 2) passion, and 3) monetization. Each one is crucial for you as a content creator if you want a corporate career as a content creator, work for yourself...
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Why "Good Unique Content" is NOT Enough

I give you 3 tips on how you can go beyond content that drowns in the flood of YouTube, Google, etc. Because if you aim for content that's merely good and unique, you won't succeed with it. The goal is to create...
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6 Content Formats you NEED to Know

I believe you'll be a strong content creator if you master 6 formats. Either individually or in combination. In this episode, you'll get a quick intro to each of them and a couple of ideas on how to combine them....
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Meet Your Host

Hi, I'm Rued Riis, and in this first episode of the Content Creator Kickstart, I'll tell you the short version of my life's story. From skater to guitarist. From business student to agency owner. And then from...
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