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Content Creator Kickstart

Content Creator Kickstart

Hosted by: Rued Riis

Kickstart your career in Content Creation! No matter if you're an employee, freelancer, YouTuber or anything in between, the skillset of content creation is the ultimate enabler of success. Subscribe now!

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4-Step AIDA Framework for Videos

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Those are the 4 components of the AIDA framework known from the marketing world. But. There's a whole lot video makers, educators, and explainers can learn from marketing. And this...
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Why You Don't Have To Jump On TikTok

TikTok is the new shiny video platform that every expert wants you to jump on - the sooner the better. But is it always a good idea to jump on these new opportunities? Or should you take a step back and decide whether...
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How to Explain Things Better

How to Explain Things Better It's a golden skill to be able to explain things better - with more clarity and understanding. Especially if you're the expert and you are trying to explain something to a beginner.  But...
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5 Concrete Ways to Start a Video

5 concrete ways to start a video It's super important to get off to a good start with your video. Therefore, I thought I'd share some concrete ways to start a video in an engaging and interesting way.  “We all know”...
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7 Tips for Filming Yourself

7 Tips for filming yourself It's not easy to film yourself (at all), but you get better in time. These are some of the things that I keep reminding myself of before I hit record. More light on your face and body...
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Is your Skillset T-Shaped?

What's a T-shaped content creator? The T-shape symbolizes a generalist skillset with one deep-dive; a skill that you've honed and are great at.  In this episode, I'll dive into the importance of supplementing your...
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5 Q&As about Explain Academy

In this episode, I've gathered the most frequently asked questions about Explain Academy. As this is a premium program, where you learn communication and content creation, it's also more expensive than...
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How I Design my Online Courses

It's important to structure a course the right way — depending on the topic and student. I've created my fair share of courses, and along the way, I learned a thing or two about how to do it well. In this episode, I...
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5 Tips for Building Scenarios in Vyond

Vyond is great for eLearning developers who want to create scenarios. It's a modern way of doing it, and it's quite easy if you remember a few things.  In this episode, you'll hear about establishing shots, character...
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10 Practical Tips for AMAZING Video Scripts

Want to make better videos? Write better scripts! Scriptwriting for explainers, tutorials, whatever is essential. Especially for explainer videos, where you want to make a short, simple, and easy-to-understand video....
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Pros and Cons of Analogy in Explainer Videos

How to use an analogy in your explainer video? That is the topic of today's episode. And we quickly conclude that it's a great idea.. BUT! There are a few ways you can hurt your story. By either choosing the wrong...
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3 Styles of Vyond (and when to use them!)

Whiteboard animation, Business Friendly, and Contemporary - those are the 3 styles you can animate with in Vyond Studio. And today, I'm sharing my thoughts on their individual strengths and when to use each one. As a...
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