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Do you ever feel like..

⌛️ You waste time watching free tutorials on the wrong subjects and trying to Google your way forward?

😅 You ought to produce better content with that Vyond subscription you pay for every month?

🐌 You spend way too long creating your videos—instead of using keyboard shortcuts and solid processes?

💰 You would do better as a freelancer if you offered your customers professional animation services on top?

🚀 You would be more likely to get that job or promotion if you were a more capable content creator?

🧐 There's more to Vyond, but you just can't figure out how to use it to its fullest potential?

Yes? Keep reading!

Could you imagine..

🤝 Landing high-paying animation gigs

🥂 Securing your dream job

💡 Being able to share your ideas through content

🤩 Converting boring slides into high-quality videos

🪄 Becoming the video wizard of your organization

⏳ Saving hours on your animation videos

This is 100% possible for you – I know this because I’ve done it myself. Let me help you become a Vyond- and animation Wizard!

Which course is for me?

This is the complete 360-degrees walkthrough of Vyond where I'll take you from 0 to hero in the least amount of time. From basic "this is how you create a new video" to advanced "this is how to create custom transitions".

The course consists of modules ranging from the very basics to Pro-lessons for ambitious creators. You choose your starting point and move upwards from there.

By the end of the course, you're able to work in Vyond, create characters, animate scenes, and make full-fledged videos from end to end.

This course teaches you how to craft strong scripts — the backbone of every animation video. You'll learn how to figure out what info to include, how to structure your script, and what you can do to make it easier to animate later in the process.

All lessons in Strong Scripts are animated in Vyond, so an added bonus of this course is loads of inspiration on how to illustrate complex ideas in simple ways.

After completing Strong Scripts, you are able to write for video and make the foundation under your videos much more solid, logically progressing, and easier to consume by the viewer.

This course is made as a response to people asking me about my course- and YouTube format, where I combine animation, screen recording, live footage, and stock clips. You’ll learn how to use animations on top of camera footage — and how to combine formats in the most efficient way for engaging learning materials.

By the end of this course, you’ll understand how 99% of all video content online is created. You’ll get a simple blueprint for how to approach the creation of your own content. And you’ll know how to save precious time in the process.

"Before I enrolled, I had reservations about whether this course provided advanced enough tips on Vyond. But I decided to buy because Rued has gone through the same journey as I am on now. And I learned a LOT. I really appreciated the course and your patience, Rued. Thanks for working with me."

Terrence G.
Agency Owner

"Your lessons are literally GOLD. It could be the best Vyond course on the Internet. You might just want to go ahead and claim that."

"Loved the course. It was clear, funny, and informative. Precisely what a course should be."

"You are probably one of the best teachers I have had ever!! (I am 44 - and I like to take courses). I learned a great deal from you. Thank you again."

"Thanks for a great course. I liked the practical examples, bite-sized episodes, and your humor. This is how a modern online course should look like."

"I love this! You are a great teacher, and funny as well, I was laughing out loud by myself right now."

"Amazing course, straightforward, concise, and informative. Rued is talented in simplifying complex ideas into pieces of helpful steps and processes."

Frequently Asked Questions

The course curriculum itself takes 1-2 hours to consume per course. But where the real learning takes place is in between the lessons, where you flip out the old computer and start creating yourself. So the total time investment is closer to 1-2 weeks of dedicated work inside the tools to really get under your skin.

All courses come with lifetime access. This means that you'll be able to come back at any point you like and continue a course or rewatch a lesson. You can also buy access now and start later when life slows down a bit — no limitations there.

You need a Vyond subscription to get the most out of Go Beyond Vyond (obviously). For Strong Scripts, you don't need it, but I may refer back to Vyond from time to time. 

Skill-wise you don't need to come with any experience. We take things from the very basics and gradually up to higher levels.

Both Mac users and Windows users can use Vyond and benefit from my courses.

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With 12 practical exercises that lead you through the 3 phases of creating an animated video.

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