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Want to unlock the power of video?

I'll show you how to create winning video content the simple way — in a day or less.

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My story:
From quick-fix to 6-figures

Hi there! *knuckles*

I'm Rued Riis, an entrepreneur from Copenhagen, Denmark, with a crazy passion for wrapping things up in video. Thanks for stopping by!

You might know me from YouTube, where I talk about animation and explainer videos. I actually founded an animation agency that eventually became a 6-figure business.

Now, I'm a "solopreneur", working on creating a content based business—with video as the main driver.

It all started as a quick-fix

In an early job, I first experienced the power of video. With simple tools, we were able to "spin out" an explanation of our concept into a short video.

I was pretty mind-blown about how little effort we put in, compared to the impact this video had.

Since then, I've created simple videos for all kinds of things; team updates, software walkthroughs, customer support, YouTube videos, course lessons, everything!


Turns out video is extremely valuable

Later as an agency owner, we sold animated explainer videos to companies who too got immense value out of simple digital representations of themselves. 

It was video that enabled them to NOT be the bottle-neck of everything, and instead leverage their time in better ways.

And, I still kept recording short videos on my iPhone to market our agency, educate our target group, and answer questions from our clients.

It doesn't have to be hard

I'm no color-grading expert. I know little about technical camera stuff. And it doesn't really matter. But the basics matter!

Scaling your message via video can do a lot of good things for you. Free up time. Inspire more people. And give you freedom.

For me, video has become the cornerstone of my course business, which allows me to manage my time and location freely.

Want to unlock the power of video the simple way?

You're in the right place! I've made hundreds of videos over the last decade and I want to show you exactly how it's done the fast and simple way.

I've created a FREE workshop here where I introduce you to my 3-step process for creating any video you want in a day or less.

In this FREE video production workshop, you'll learn:

  • The bullet-proof way to approach any video (with no confusion or time waste)
  • How to look great in every shot (without expensive gear or hours of editing)
  • The only 3 video formats you need to make professional and engaging videos
  • How to explain complex topics via animation (no technical skills needed)
  • Why you don't need to learn any fancy editing software, like PremierePro or FinalCut Pro.

Video is the language of the modern world, and EVERYONE needs basic proficiency.
If you ever teach, train, or explain, this workshop is a must.


Unlock the Power of Video

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