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I sold information for $100,000

teaching online Oct 06, 2022

In this video, I share the most important lessons learned from selling information products online.

Now that I've crossed the 5-figure mark, I want to tell the story of how I made my first $1. And how my mindset around creation, selling information, and designing a work-life has changed over time.

Every day, more people are flooding to YouTube, or any other platform like it, to try the life of being a content creator. So many fail, because they haven't thought it through—and many do it for the money, and expect success to come way earlier than it does.

That's why I wanted to share an honest perspective on this whole world—coming from a "YouTube middle-class" man, who isn't rich but makes a living from his content.

After watching this video, you'll have a calibrated mindset around content creation, online course selling, and living your best life. 

I touch upon topics like:

  • How to find your niche
  • How to start a side-hustle
  • How to get freelance clients
  • How to say no and protect your time
  • How to value process over destination
  • How to find your "enough" number

Enjoy! ūüöÄ

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