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"Thank you so much for the workshop ‚Äď you are professional, well prepared, and have delivered exactly what we need. Everyone I talked to afterward was hyped up and motivated to make training videos, which is fantastic."

-C. W., Global Commercial Excellence, Velux


Explore a selection of featured client projects in various styles and industries.


"Help us stand out in a boring space."

Expense reimbursement. Not the sexiest topic. So, Refundly's founders needed a humoristic explainer video to pitch their product in a way that stood out from the competition.

The goal was more booked demos on Refundly's website and this digital asset contributes to a higher conversation rate from website visitor to booked demo.

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"Convert our lead magnet PDF to video."

Open Systems Network offers a PDF on collaboration practices that people absolutely love. So how to get more people to find it? A video!

To promote the full PDF, I created a 5-part explainer video to cover the core principles and pitch the full resource. We used text-to-speech software to create a voice-over that can easily be changed if needed.

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"I want to rank for microlearning."

I fell into the rabbit hole of microlearning and felt the urge to create a fully animated explainer to simplify the topic.

The result is a 2-minute video that has racked up more than 30,000 views on YouTube and ranks top 3 on the search "microlearning".

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"We do the voice-over, you do the video."

A Danish explainer where the client, a legal software company, chose to narrate the voice-over themselves ‚ÄĒ for the fun of it, and for the credibility of¬†using an expert who "speaks the language".

Karnov needed an easy-to-digest explainer for a specific product on a dedicated landing page. We collaborated on the script, and I did the sound editing and animation.

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"Convert my knowledge into a course."

Julie Morgenstern trusted me with a huge project; convert my teachings into an animated course. She's a leading productivity- and time management expert, and I learned a ton from working with her!

The outcome was a format that alternates between animation and talking head. The modules are¬†licensed as a product to corporations‚ÄĒalong with a Discussions Guide, which I also designed.

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"Rethink our animated social ads." 

Vyond is the animation tool, I use to create videos. Their marketing agency tasked me with creating a "no voice-over" ad for Facebook‚ÄĒtimed to music instead.

I decided to raise the bar for Vyond's ads which had been quite dull and slow, in my opinion. The result was a high-paced video ad that got pushed to 100.000s viewers, where a percentage converted to free trials.

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"Explain our new company platform internally."

During the pandemic, Tecan hosted a seminar for their employees - to explain the need for a new digital platform.

I created an animated explainer that covered the core reasons for the change and teased a longer talk by senior management.

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"Create a strong digital marketing asset."

Jero is introducing a new way of investing in wine, and they ended a strong piece of content to generate sign-ups.

I interviewed their founders, wrote the script, produced the voice-over, and animated the video - all in a couple of weeks.

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I'm Here to Help

I want to be happy, healthy, and helpful. If you need help with your course design, your explainer video, or just a helping hand from a Vyond power-user, I'm here for you.

"I really wanted to thank you for the initial boost. If it wasn't for your courses and the feeling that someone was out there to help me I would have never created this series."

-C. S., Online Educator


MSocSc (OIE)

6 years of academic studies at Copenhagen Business School. Thesis on partnerships.

Owner and CEO

Founded my first company during studies. Animation video agency specializing in 2D explainers.

Chief Marketing Officer

Joined a scale-up in order to build the marketing department. Led rebranding and built new website.

Chief Product Officer

Led the design- and development teams. Simplification of platform and preparation for scale.

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