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How Online Teachers ACTUALLY Make Millions

teaching online Feb 09, 2023


How does Ali make $4,6M per year selling online courses? And what about Kat and Justin? Let's dive in to learn about their multi-million dollar course business.

Everybody wants to create a lucrative side hustle. One way is to get paid for what you know by selling courses online. But there's a lot to it.

I've chosen three experts for this—Ali Abdaal, Kat Norton, and Justin Welsh. They sell courses via YouTube, TikTok, and Linkedin for millions every year.

How did they build their followings on social media? How to convert that audience into an email list? And how do you sell courses to people who opted in for free stuff?

I admire each one of these online teachers, and it's humbling to see how simple their businesses really are. No rocket science - just a simple blueprint, and dedicated effort, year in and year out.

If you want to sell courses online, you need a course platform. And today's sponsor, Uscreen, is very likely one of the most modern options out there.

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