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What is Teacher Effectiveness?

explainers Aug 17, 2022

This video is a quick overview of the research on teacher effectiveness. Although non-conclusive, these are some of the most highlighted characteristics of what can make a good teacher great.

Teacher effectiveness research tries to offer a model to teachers that want to level up their efficacy. What's the best measure for education that works?

Not an easy question to answer, but in this video, I try to give some concrete examples from the theory of teacher effectiveness that can be implemented in the classroom, in courses, or in any other educational context.

To some, it may sound cynical to measure the efficacy of teachers. But teacher development is important to be able to give students the very best educational foundation in life.

The 5 examples given here are derived from scientific articles that research the topic of what makes good teachers great, the relation between teacher behaviors and student outcomes, teacher efficacy, and the components of teacher effectiveness.

It's difficult to model and quantify quality teaching as there are so many components in play around the teacher, the student, the learning environment, and the background of everyone involved.

My goal with this explainer was to find some best practices to share with newly educated teachers—who want to become great educators.

Enjoy the video!

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