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Gone are the days where "talking head + slideshow" was enough. Today, students expect to be entertained and educated at the same time. That's where mixed formats like animation + screen-recordings + talking-head come into play. Let me walk you through each format, so you can start using them in your teachings.

1. Talking-Head (yourself)

Now that you are the teacher and the expert, it makes a lot of sense that you appear in your course. That's a given. But the result of appearing can be of very varying quality. Let me give you some of my basic tips for how to succeed with the talking-head format.

2. Screen-recordings (your computer)

Walking your students through a process on your screen can be super helpful. If you talk about software, it's essential to actually show your workflow. Screen-recordings are perfect for this. And these are my tips for how to make more professional screen-recordings with a  tool like ScreenFlow.

3. Animations (your ideas)

Animation is almost magical. You use your imagination to visualize an idea, a story or a concept through moving illustrations. Would have been impossible to learn 10 years ago.. But today, it's easier than ever. All you need is a sense of direction and a bit of time.

2. Screen-recordings (your computer)

4. Whiteboard animation

Although not a completely new format, whiteboard animation is a type of animation that works really well for teachers, instructors, and coaches. It's fun to watch and easy to create. Let me show you an example of how I shot a video on an iPhone and layered some drawings on top.

5. Eco-system

How much importance do you put on the environment your lessons are going to live in? This is super important. What kind of eco-system do you use to serve your courses to your students? If your content is top-notch, your platform has to be too. I've found my favorites and recommend you choose a similar platform to host your courses if you truly care about the user experience of your students.

Learn More about adding Animation to your Courses

Learn the fundamentals of how you create simple animations to supplement your lessons and make your ideas even clearer to your students.

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