The Modern Way To Create A Complete Animation Video

From about 2020 and onwards, you can't excuse not making animation videos with a lack of technical skills. Anyone can learn it. You just need a simple method and simple tools. Let me show you how it's done. From scratch.

1. Why Start with a Script?

All animation videos start with a script. It's your roadmap. The concrete that makes it stick together. But why is the script so essential? Before we get started, you need to understand, how serious I am about the script.

2. How to Write a Strong Script

To get off to a flying start for our animation video, we use templates for our script. In this video, I'll present you for a couple that you can choose from and use for the context, you are making an animation video within.

3. Convert Script to Video

Easier said than done, maybe. But what you need is essentially just a microphone to record your script as a voice-over. Then an animation tool to convert the sound into animations. I do it all with you in this video, step-by-step.

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