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6 Content Formats you NEED to Know

I believe you'll be a strong content creator if you master 6 formats. Either individually or in combination. In this episode, you'll get a quick intro to each of them and a couple of ideas on how to combine them. Text, graphics, sound, screen recordings, animations, and camera footage.

Those are the 6 formats that are essential if you dream of producing high-quality YouTube videos, eLearning materials, tutorials, course lessons, etc. I can attribute all my successes to content and digital products. And I think it's something everyone can use, no matter what job you have.

In reality, we're all content creators and need these formats for even a slideshow or the simplest email. As mentioned, I'm launching the "Content Creator Kickstart Academy" soon, so make sure to subscribe to some channel of mine to know about the open date of the 8-week program.

Thanks for listening to this episode, and I look forward to showing you the next one,



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