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7 Tips for Filming Yourself

7 Tips for filming yourself

It's not easy to film yourself (at all), but you get better in time. These are some of the things that I keep reminding myself of before I hit record.

  1. More light on your face and body (face a window if you don't have lighting gear)
  2. Less space above you (move closer to the camera until your torso and head show)
  3. Place camera at eye-level (Put your camera/computer on a shoebox)
  4. Sound quality matters a ton (Get a USB microphone or use a newer phone/laptop)
  5. Move away from the wall (Create depth in the shot by having more of your space showing behind you)
  6. Lock exposure (This can be done both on phones and cameras)
  7. Simple editing (Cut out dull moments, and add subtle music)

If you tick off all 7 tips before you upload your next video, I'm sure you will be very glad to see that the result comes off much more professional than before. Good luck with the shoot!


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