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5 Concrete Ways to Start a Video

5 concrete ways to start a video

It's super important to get off to a good start with your video. Therefore, I thought I'd share some concrete ways to start a video in an engaging and interesting way. 

  1. “We all know” Analogy.
    Example: We all know what a cinema is. Oculus Quest is like a cinema, but for your eyes and ears only. A wearable cinema you put on like a pair of ski goggles.
  2. Shortest pitch / “Wiki”
    Example: Oculus Quest is a virtual reality headset that can run immersive games and videos.
  3. “Forest before the trees” Context
    Example: Long before Facebook changed its name to Meta, Mark Zuckerberg knew that the digital world, or Metaverse, would become a bigger and bigger part of our lives. In 2014, he bought Oculus for $2 billion, and since then they’ve invested heavily in creating the best VR headsets on the market.
  4. “PPP”. Preview, Promise, Proof.
    Example: In this video, I’ll talk about different ways to start your videos. You’ll learn concrete methods to make sure you get off to a good start. Actually, I’ve used these tips to grow my own YouTube channel to 10.000 subscribers.
  5. “What, Why, How”
    Example: What are the best ways to begin a video, why does it matter so much to start strong, and how can you use opening templates to make your own videos more engaging? That’s what you’ll learn in this video.

These are 5 ways I use myself and shuffle between. Try out an intro template and apply it to your video. I hope you'll get inspired by my approaches and find better ways to start your videos off better. 


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