Strong Scripts

A PREMIUM Animated Video Course That Teaches You How To Write Great
Video Scripts That Increase The QUALITY Of Your Videos.


Strong Scripts = Strong Videos



If you are creating video content but haven’t taken the time to learn the fundamental skill of script writing for video, you are absolutely wasting a lot of time and leaving money on the table.

Chances are good that you face the all-too common trade-off: how to create a high-quality video without spending too much time on the production?

Maybe you worry about wasting time on a video creation that is overly complex and long. But creating a solid foundation under your video in the early parts of the process will actually save you a lot of time in the end.

On top of the worries around wasting time, you probably also believe that you create high-quality videos without a script. If you are a genius that might be true. But for the rest of us mortals, we need to understand our viewers and transform that insight into a clear structure for our video.

Video scripts for explainer videos are as foundational as water for instant coffee. It’s gonna be one dry video, if you don’t add the one ingredient that makes all the difference. Scripts are step 1 for your videos—not matter if you create videos for marketing, e-learning or entertainment.

Sadly, I see a lot of half-baked videos coming from my students of “Go Beyond Vyond“. Not because the animations don’t work—it’s a clear structure that’s missing.

That’s why I created Strong Scripts.

With Strong Scripts, I’ll share my best templates, tips and tricks accumulated over 3 years of creating more than 300 videos for high-ticket clients. I wrote the scripts and learned the craft through hands-on experience. And practicality, utility and pace is the focus of this course.

Strong Scripts is your shortcut to master the craft of writing effective scripts for videos.

The Fish

Learn to use a basic script template like The Fish that forces you to wrap your script in an intro, story and CTA.

The Better World

Gain momentum with a contrast story, where you paint a picture of a world before and after your solution.

The USP Uzi

When short on time, The USP Uzi is a great script template for getting a lot of Unique Selling Points across.

Invest in your digital skill set

Join other copywriting learners on their quest to structure better explainers. Sign up for the course today and learn to craft strong scripts!


I'm Rued Riis

How I grew my video business


Teaching myself the process of animation video creation changed my life.

Back when I was still in college, I worked for a large accounting company. A colleague asked me for help around finishing up a video, she was creating. 

The tool she used was GoAnimate (the old name for Vyond), and I started getting good at the tool. Before long, I had finished the video, and it was promoted by the company and got 60.000+ views on Youtube.

I was hooked. On the side, I started making complete videos for a friend’s web agency, where he’d bundle a website with an explainer video for the customer’s front page. 

I’d write the script. I’d record the voice-over. And I’d make the animations that visualised the script, I had written.

Before long, the orders were lining up, and I got way too busy to keep up with his video requests and decided to raise my prices and go solo. My video agency was born and with it, my first entrepreneurial adventure. 

Fast forward a couple of years, we were 3 full-time employees and 4 part-timers. Over time, I realised that I enjoyed online teaching more than serving clients, so I decided to close the agency and go all-in on creating courses based on our combined learnings as an agency.

Script writing was always the reason for a videos success or failure. Our animation videos could never become better than the underlying script that supported it.

With 300+ scripts behind me, I’m now ready to share everything I’ve learned along the way.

"Amazing course, straightforward, concise, and informative. Rued is well experienced, he is talented in simplifying complex ideas into pieces of helpful steps and processes."

- Al Kadi


What you'll learn

The Blueprints, Best-Practices, and Methods You Need to Succeed

Strong Scripts is built on 20+ lessons across 6 sections that will guide you in how to:

  • Use your script as the foundation of all your future video productions.
  • Write scripts using 3 different templates based on 3 years of hands-on experience.
  • Speed up your process with The Explainer Pyramid—a 3-step creation process.
  • Simplify your message so your viewer can follow, understand and remember your points.
  • Spot “AHA”-moments through research or interviews, then use them to make the viewer’s penny drop.
  • Understand and utilise the difference between features and benefits of your product/service.
  • Think strategically about the visual side while writing the script.
  • Pin-point and address the most pressing questions, your customer is asking inside their minds.
  • Quickly write your own script using The Fish, The Better World or the USP Uzi script template. 
  • Get an overview of the most important stakeholders of your script and video process.
  • Prepare your script for the voice-over person who will narrate what you have written.
  • Present your video script as subtitles/captions while the video is playing.
… and many more insights that make the difference between creating a solid, high-quality video.. and a confusing, decoupled video with no effect.


I want to help you learn the concepts that have worked for 100s of videos and clients. And that will cut your production time in half. 


"This is a great course for anyone that creates scripts for eLearning, Marketing, or even communication announcements. I would recommend this course to anyone."

- Doug Dillard

Who is the course for

E-learning professionals, business owners, marketers and more!

This course is for video creators who create short videos for the web and value efficient production. It is not for traditionally educated movie makers who work with longer formats for the big screens.

Your use-case doesn’t matter — scriptwriting is a skillset that serves educators, marketers and content creators equally well— but the course examples primary revolve around e-learning and marketing, as these are the fields I have the most experience with and best examples from.

What it comes down to is this: I don’t want to sell you anything that you cannot benefit from. 

That’s simply not how I want to do things. I want you to succeed. And if you are not in a position where the price of the course quickly pays for itself, you should probably not enroll. 

When you are ready, I’ll be here for you.

"Really enjoyed the course, its simple and easy to follow. I have learned quite a few things."

- Sean Zeilinga

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