Free '0 to Finalized Video' Workbook

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12 exercises to gently push you forward through your creations

I want to give you my workbook—and I hope that these exercises will improve your skills, eye for, and mindset around the production of an animated video.

This is the framework I use myself — internalized through 100s of repetitions — and my hope is that it'll inspire you to simplify and lock your own process, so animation doesn't seem like such a daunting thing to create and use.

Watch the Masterclass

I hosted a masterclass for All-Access Members on how to use each exercise to create better videos. Use it to get more context and information on each of the phases and exercises.


Become a full-time Content Creator

The workbook on this page gives you a blueprint for how to create animated explainer videos. That skillset is something your can utilize to turn your career around and become a full-time content creator like myself.

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