Free '0 to Finalized Video' Workbook

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12 exercises to gently push you forward through your creations

I want to give you my workbook—and I hope that these exercises will improve your skills, eye for, and mindset around the production of an animated video.

This is the framework I use myself — internalized through 100s of repetitions — and my hope is that it'll inspire you to simplify and lock your own process, so animation doesn't seem like such a daunting thing to create and use.

Walkthrough of the Workbook

Let me walk you through each exercise to create better explainer videos. Use it to get more context and information on each of the phases and exercises.


Become a professional Explainer

The workbook on this page gives you a blueprint for how to create animated explainer videos. That skill set is something you can utilize to turn your career around by adding professional explainer videos to your repertoire.

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