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3 Pillars of a Successful Content Creator Career

In this episode, we'll explore the three pillars of 1) skills, 2) passion, and 3) monetization. Each one is crucial for you as a content creator if you want a corporate career as a content creator, work for yourself as a freelancer or monetize your content as an influencer, YouTuber, etc.

We also touch upon the similarities and differences between content creators, entrepreneurs, and marketers in order to understand what this relatively new industry and identity of "content creator" covers.

I'll round off with a kick sneak peek of my upcoming Content Creator's Academy where I'll kickstart your career as a CC by teaching animation, camera handling, copywriting, topic research, channel design, monetization on YouTube, course creation, graphics design, gear, tools and much more.

It's going to be an 8-week academy, and you can get on the waitlist by signing up here.


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