Make Better Animation Videos

.. with simple tools and a solid process.

Do you want to be able to make animation videos? And use one of these modern animation tools to learn it quickly? Then I have good news and bad news for you. 

Let's begin with the good news.

You CAN learn to animate. The days where you had to learn Adobe AfterEffects are over.

Today, you can subscribe to an online animation maker and learn how to use it well in a couple of days.

The modern way to create animation video is something anyone can learn. Easily.

On to the bad news..

The tool won't do it alone. You need a basic understanding of what goes into a good video production to make great content. Then, you can convert your good ideas into an awesome animation video afterwards.

But it's not all bad. You can learn this entire skill around explainers, animation videos, call it what you want. Both the ground-work and the actual animation. 


Anyone can Animate. Too Good to be True?

Yes, you can. But yeah, it actually isn't entirely true. Anyone can learn to animate—if they put in the effort to learn it right. 

You need to start on the right foot.


You Need a Simple (but Powerful) Process

Now that you know the basics of using an animation tool, you're ready for the step before that. What? Yes, you don't start with animation. 

Your step 1 of every animation video is not animation. It's script-writing.


The Truth About Animation Video

So you've understood that animation is one thing, but the real skill lies in an empowering process. One that lets you plan and execute quickly and effectively. When you master that skill-set, the sky is truly the limit.

Do not create a single animation video before you know this.

Let me teach you the right process for building an explainer video that works. After animating 200+ videos myself, I've discovered a simple and solid process that works.

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