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What is Teacher Effectiveness?

explainers Aug 17, 2022

This video is a quick overview of the research on teacher effectiveness. Although non-conclusive, these are some of the most highlighted characteristics of what can make a good teacher great.

Teacher effectiveness research tries to offer a model...

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5 New Features From Vyond in 2022

vyond Aug 10, 2022

Vyond releases new features all the time. These are 5 of the most important ones from 2022. Some are good—some are bad.

Media library inside the studio. Image search for Props and Templates. Color palette detection from an image. Voice...

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5 FREE Vyond Tutorial Videos [from an Expert]

guide Feb 23, 2022

This is your hub for Vyond tutorial videos to get you started in Vyond Studio. All tutorial videos are for free and created by an expert with 10+ years of experience in Vyond (me).

The Vyond training you need to cover is 1) the Vyond Studio...

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Vyond Masking - Explained!

guide vyond Feb 22, 2022

In Vyond, masking allows you to contain any asset within a maskable Prop. 

Okay, but what does that mean, why should you care, and how do you Mask in Vyond?

Before I explain all of it, let me say this:

After 10 years as a Vyond user,


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The WORST Mistake Animators Make

topics Feb 15, 2022

In the last 10 years, I’ve created, sold, and watched my fair share of animation videos. And there’s ONE mistake that I see over and over again. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy fix.

Even though it’s easier than ever to get...

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How to Become a Content Creator

guide Aug 31, 2021

In this blog post, we’re going to cut straight to the chase and zoom in on what it actually takes to

  • become a content creator
  • what specific skills and tools you need
  • what jobs and salaries are out there for you
  • how to go solo as a...
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Scenario Based Learning: How to Create Scenarios (with Examples and Templates!)

guide Jun 28, 2021

Experience this Scenario-Based Training yourself

So, what is SBL?

Scenario-Based Learning is an instructional strategy that uses interactive scenarios as the basis for learning.

These scenarios imitate real-life situations and train the...

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What is Educational Video Design? [EVD Model]

topics Jun 01, 2021

The EVD model is something I've just made up. 

(As far as I know..)

Nonetheless, it's a very real thing for me. 

The reason why I needed to coin a term and create a model is because of my constant search for what it really is that I...

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Doodly Review: Whiteboard Animation Expert's Verdict

review May 26, 2021

I believe I can give you a pretty accurate review of Doodly through the eyes of an expert. 

I’ve worked with online animation tools for more than 10 years now - first in my own animation agency and now as a course creator - and...

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My Journey From Freelancer to Agency Owner

topics May 20, 2021

It’s 2016, and I’m super excited to open the doors to my very own animation agency. 

I still needed to write my master thesis, but then I’d be off to the races.

Leading up to this day, I had been freelancing for about a...

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